We killed some bugs!

Support calls fixed:
- Styling issues on country overview fixed;
- Domination plots outlining fixed;
- Organized Crimes are all updated, tested and improved. Please try it!
- Poker is back and all support calls are fixed too!
- Weird screen between clicking on other options within the game is fixed;
- Bug on the police station showing crews that where deaded already are now gone;
- Refresh on missions display different times is fixed;
- The styling of the big stores on your plots (domination) is fixed;
- Hitlist styling issue with the avatar of a player falling next to the box is fixed;
- We fixed the styling of the avatars under the police station
- We fixed settings that was broken;
- We fixed the issue with casino's that could not get picked up / owned;
- Last support bullets for bulletfactory owners is no longer "0" but the last run of production you really did.

These are all support calls that we fixed. If you find any other issue, please let us know through support@mobstargame.com