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MobstarGame is a text-based MMORPG that resembles the real life maffia world. The game is available for anyone. Numbers matter in this game! With more players, the structure and outlines of the crews will become more visible, more clear..ergo: the game will get even more enticing!

What are we looking for?
Therefore, we are always looking for companies and websites that can add value to our business. When we have touchpoints in our target audience, we can add value to both our customers!

For now, we don't have any fixed regulations concerning affiliates and partners. We are open to any suggestion though!

You think there is a match between our target audiences? You think you can do something for us or we can help you out with something? Let's start the conversation!

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MobstarGame and Criminals Link Page

MobstarGame is trying to team up with the Criminals Page on

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Partnership with

Great, useful collection of RPG Sites

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Marketing partnership with: NewRPG

We are proud partners of NewRPG as the MMORPG platform for gamers.

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