Version 2.15 is out now. New families page

Re-branded /family:

So stage one, is a bit boring, but something that needs to be done to reach stage two. We present the brand new /family page for assoiciate(s) without a family. It's live here: https://www.mobstargame.com/crew/home/start For the members in a family I added a screenshot. Another way to market your family! It now has the new branding, a member counter, sign up bonus, daily active bonus, reputation and an auto apply. Oh and yes, we miss the family logo's here, this is in preperation of the next version.

Re-branded the "start a family:

Families are crucial and we love to see more active families in the future. Part one is to make that as easy as possible, it's why we present the new pop up. Fits the new branding & it's super easy to understand. This is now live.

Roadmap announcement:

We are working on our previous pre-release announcement. So expect in the near feature: Family pages renewed for all roles with the clean new branding and clean up of code/features. With that we launch the updated family page and then the personal profile. This wil include an **upload** for your logo's and banners, so please prepare for this. Expecting this early 2022.

Small updates 27-12-2021:
- Stats on mobile version is fixed. The last release with sign up bonus and daily activity broke the entire styling.
- KIll Frenzy didnt end after killing all the targets, but what set to end after 14 days no matter what. We changed that to still end after 14 days, but also when the last target ain't breathing no more.
- Cleaned up the official MobstarGame Discord a bit more
- Discord turned red when selecting minor crimes, we picked this small support call too.

Next Kill Frenzy: https://discord.gg/vArWfTdm?event=925053040510251078

Extra update 28-12-2021:
- Dashboard mobile news issue is fixed and maxed on newest article first
- Dashboard could scroll horizontol on mobile, that is fixed.

Extra update 29-12-2021:
- Maximized the constructors to 12 slots;
- Real estate level 10 makes the slots go away;
- Upgrade / sell button styling fixed.