Update mafia browsergame MobstarGame to 2.16

Player Profile page

- The new player profile page is live. It includes the new image upload with webp / GIF support. You can also add a custom quote to your page. Wealth status is going to be an update on the detective side of the game. Gathering more intel. Also the player banners are live. See perfect resolutions in the Discord helpdesk

**Pay attention to this: you can select to SHOW or NOT SHOW your family section** It's OFF on default. So if you want to rep your family on your profile, go to top right menu (click on your logo) -> profile: https://www.mobstargame.com/profile/ and check family to "on"!

/Family revamp

- The overhaul of the family pages is live. It includes brand new views for every role/charachter you can play. It's also a massive clean up action. It includes:

- We created a log system for council to see more data (we will add more in future releases);

- Every minister post has it's own tab, council can see / access everything;

- Minister of drugs can now mule themselves also. Making more money for the family & country drug store owners;

- Brand new logo and banner update (family page update is in the next update) with full on gif support!

- Updated the construction view with a nice progress bar. In the future we will add the current level too in that list (wishlist)

Family representing on casino's

In preperation of the new bullet factory page per country we have launched the alpha version of the new owners side.

Gif animation on organized crimes

Created by "Bohica" is a gif bell that shows up whenever the extortion is active.

Fixed a lot of support issues. They are removed. If you find any support calls that aren't in that list, please feel free to add them and make us better!