Update 2:14 :: New family structure update & minor updates

Within the world of mafia family is everything. Start your own family legacy or sign up for a family that already has a reputation! It holds so many perks and as of today a bunch more.

First of all: we fixed all the reported issues on Family Structure. Next to that we did some cool stuff as pre-announced on Discord.


Getting new member to sign up is step one for growth. With growth comes power and power means money. So; how about we monetize the recruitement of new associate(s). We are proud to introduce the brand new: **sign up bonus** fee feature. New members get that reward if they join your family. Its taken from the family bank.

Next to that hyper activity makes for dominating the dark world of mafia. So here is the brand new: **activity bonus fee** for families. Logging in every 24 hours as a member gets you paid a bit extra. This money is also taken from the family bank.

Role management:

Of course the council can manage this part. That's the family boss, right hand and left hand of the family. But the brand new "minister of finance" post can manage this too. In a later stage we introduce logs for families and then this positions becomes more crucial too with the money flows it can track.

So how does family structure look now?

Family boss
Right hand
Left hand

Minister of War
(manages the family soldiers)

Minister of Drugs
(manages the family drug mules)

Minister of Constructions
(manages the family constrructors)

Minister of Finance

That's not all. We also fixed / updated:

- The new typography (smaller) throughout the game;
- Fixed a jail Count/Timer on mobile;
- Fixed tthe lead stock for bullet factory owners (mobile needs more work);
- Tutorial Link Removed from Footer.

This live now! Enjoy.