Update 2.10: 12 new casino's, major design updates and more


NEW Casino's: underground bankers
We are proud to announce that after months of testing, thinking, design and building we launched the new Underground Banker casino's to the game. Adding one per country, one per city!
12 new casino's for players to own. Here is how it works. Next to the bank where you can make interest on your cash in a set amount we now also offer the UB. For each casino you start off on a super high % of interest that you can get on your cash after 24 hours. That amound you can stash is limited per UB. So fly around to maximize your income. Interest can drop. The FBI comes knocking on doors and when they aren't paid off 2% of the interest drops.

Project redesign:
- Properties is completely new;
- Blackjack is completely new;
- We updated some small design things on the countries page.

Support calls fixed;
* Support Task for Side Menu
* Removed Connection link from page
* Black Jack Card Displayed 0
* Black Jack Resume Game Redirection handle
* We fixed the space issue when searching for a player
* When you select real estate, crew properties is also selected in the menu
* Jail Redirection Issue Fixed.

- Database
- Diverse range of queries

We also fixed some minor other support calls.