Update 2.09 is now live: new countries page, tweaks and fixed support calls

2.09 is now live: https://www.mobstargame.com/

**New: Country Overview Page **

Check out the new design for countries. Another step into debugigng/improving the game: https://www.mobstargame.com/countries/overview/

Profits are added, more clear overview! We also added purchase and sales prices of drugs and current stocks per country. A very good point brought up by @Veluwe Grizzly#7500!

With this new page we included the brothels here, it's now removed from the menu. All casino's can be found in countries. It's also the place to pick up casino whenever an owner is bankrupt or sleeping with the fishes.

**Minor tweaks / updates:**

- Code Changes for Conversion of Time to Seconds. Based on @Community Developer code;

- New Image(s) added for Minor Crimes and webp images is displayed on listing of minor crimes.

- Reactivated the super detective. Back on populair demands!

- Search Operation with Extra White Space is handled on view and Controller Level.

**- Support Task:**

- Code Optimised for Cron Job : Profit for Brothels

- Drop-down Issue fixed for Shipping Car: Modal Used & Implemented and Popup Removed.