Update 2.07: Our biggest release yet (including a new membership)

Dashboard: update 2.07

- Fixed the double illegal booze on your stats;
- Added total bullets shot to your stats;
- Added total kills made to your stats;
- Added total attempts on other players to your stats;
- Added a date to the articles to inform the active development to (new) players;
- Added an image to the players without a legacy.

Jail: update 2.07

- Fixed the issue where players are stuck on 00:01 in jail;
- Added the now live sign for players in jail;
- Added a link to the players in jail;
- Added the branded pop up when you want to buy out another gangster in jail.

General game fixes:

- Women payout. This is not yet perfect, mails send are sloppy and city payouts need work. It will be fixed in version 2.08;
- Brothel owner issue with listview giving errors trying to hire more women;
- Profile image issue on dead accounts reviving (showing old profile picture);
- Extended the cooldown on hiring women with a lot, as profits where going through the rough.

Minor Crimes:

Is now in the new design! We maximized the crimes you see to 10.
You can either grow to that number and then select the crime you want to do.
We also updated some of the images. If you find anything on this new version feel free to discussin our Discord


Is in the new design and hold some new features.
- Default is set to alive (this was on both dead/alive);
- Added pagination to the search results per 25 gangsters;
- Updated the dropdown auto suggest in the open search with names of the gangsters;
- You can now select a family and get a list of members in the search.

Gangsters Online:

Is now in the new design. Admins are in red and on top of the list. The rest is random.
We also added pagination on this part per 25 members.

Most notorious Gangsters:

Is now in the new design.


Is now in the new design! Including a very nice new pop up when you want to hit that.
Wait what?

Member slot:

As announced before we also added a member slot. If you rank up to Godfather you can unlock this. Simple click on your profile icon top right, unlock a slot for 5,000 honor and you have a second account. We keep activly banning IP abuse. We do not accept any form of cheating in scripts or other disgusting things. This solution is to avoid people quiting because they lost everything and stimulate action amongst each other.

And yes, all your accounts are live when you sign the mailadres in the game. This will remain as it is.
This is a new feature, so be careful on test running this new feature please.

Want to learn more? Make sure to join our discord!