Update 2.08: Rebranded smuggling, made domination easier and more tweajs

2.08 is now live

Brand new design for smuggling is now live!
That's right, the new design is now also in smuggling on the game.

Domination tweaks:

- We removed the information in front of domination, that's all under countries and from now on seperated;

- When a gangster is not in a family it shows default the country you are currently in;

- For future features we created a unique page for each city.

- When you are in a family domination shows default country, but can be overrules by council.
Under settings family council can select a city or country you all focus on. When you click on "domination" it shows that place in stead of default country.

Minor tweaks / enhancements:

- Properties is under the menu top right of your logo. It's only used by owners. We removed it from menu left. Saves space and is not a super used module;

- We fixed the brothel payouts;

- We fixed an image not found issue on real estate.

2.09 is the revamp of countries.