Update 2.06: New jail design, earn more on drug mules and much more

Version 2.06 of MobstarGame a mafia based browsergame is out now!

New Jail layout is live:

That's right. Another new page with redesign is done. Next to that:
- We removed the bust out reward completly from the game;
- We increased the price of no jailtime for an hour to 2,500,000.
For more information on the revamp: join our community Discord.

Doubled income of the drug mules for families

We had some questions on Drug Mules. How does it work?

In family properties your family must own a "family warehouse". The higher the level you build it as a family the more it holds in stock. This is important as you can mule a lot of drugs per hour.

A drug mules does runs, with a minimum chance of 85% to reach the crew compound. When the mule does the drugs are added to the warehouse stock. Every hour the wearehouse distributes the drugs over the lands. Making your crew margings up to 100% of the purchase price. (We increased that in 2.06 version)

The bigger your domination is as a family the more you distribute and make. Another reason to fight over domination and hold a plot for you family.

Max size of families is increased

You can now buy a bigger family. 200 members is the max now. It's expensive though.

+ A small tweak: If a family is full it shows up in stats as full and don't show up as recruiting anymore.

Woman tweak

Two earning models when you picked up woman in your bar (real estate).

Case 1: a woman is not hired by a brothel, she is working for you.

Making you $2.400 per day for 7 days making you $16.800. That is a marging of 68% on your investment.

Case 2: a woman is hired by a brothel, she works for the casino owner.

Making you $4.800 per day for 7 days making you $33.600. That is a marging of 236% on your investment.

After 7 days the woman retire.


Cleaned up stats more and improved performance on stats.
It's live now, for more information on the future... join our Discord.