Update 2.05: new dashboard, tweaks and more


2.05 is out. We are starting a clean-up of the project because that is way overdue. Step one:
We merged 3 items in one item, welcome to the new dashboard and menu structure!

This brand new layout includes the old landingpage, the old dashboard and the old personal stats page into one. We also fixed the old Mobstar Legacy support call. You can now find and visit the graves of your old character. This is step one of cleaning up the code, the game and create a more clear UI to play our game on.

We also tweaked the drug muling within the game.
- Mule more drugs in one run;
- Less cooldown times;
- Higher success rates!

This tweak is important as it will increase the drug shipment and with that: sales. Making more money for the crews and Country Drug Store owners. Making that casino more important to hold.
That has other plus sides. We look forward to see what this does for the community and economy.

Last but not least, we added a branded pop up in the game style. Building the new layout slowly!
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