Update 2.04: Bullets & Killing

We are proud to announce that version 2.04 of MobstarGame is released.


- Improved performance on profile;
- Fixed the image upload issue on profile;
- Removed the "Join" option on "Kill Job" and "Rob a Bank" in organized crimes;
- Fixed the inbox "sleep" icon issue;
- Fix the bank issue with 100.000.000$ max interest amount;
- Removed the view more on the live players list;
- Removed the app download pop up on your mobile phone;
- Fix the dead people showing up in stats;
- Fix the best worst casino in stats.

Adjustments bullets/leads/bullet factory:

Bulletfactory General:
- Bulletfactory owners can now set there own prizes per bullet;
- Personal Real Estate: Lead pricing is now your own field;
- The bullets in the Governement owned bullet factories are now $499;
- Bulletfactory owners are offered 125 kg lead per 4 hours in the game, max 750 per day.

Governement owned Bullet factory:
- Max 25.000 bullets in stock is removed. The governement can own unlimited bullets;
- We increased the speed of the production of govenement owned bullets.

Crew Real Estate:
- Max donation to your crew is lowered to 150 kg lead;
- Increased the "bullet" ratio for the bullet factory of families.

Tweaked/nerved the whole kill section.

Remember: SKILLS MATTER A LOT. Kills are dynamic in this game, but now a bit more balanced.

More to be announced in our Discord.