Update 2.03: Moved crews to families

Version 2.03 is now live. This is the release note.

- Cap on the max amount you can bank to: 100.000.000. Money in mafia should be rolling;
- New background in the game, for free because we love y'all;
- We removed the helpdesk & moderators from the game as we focus mainly on Discord now;
- Removed the crews from the online list to make it more clear:
(yes, the view more button will be removed also)
- Updated the stats with the addition of the owners to the best / worst casino's';
- Created an upgraded version to upload images for families with a new WYSIWYG editor.

Family introductions:

Start a family is now only 100.000

- Family leaders can now add a Discord invite link.
- Renamed all items under family. Same features just more in line with Mafia.

Bug Fixed:
- Fixed the best and worst casino's in stats. Can't be the best and worst performing casino at the same time anymore;
- Fixed the drug mules look and feel as it was all over the place;
- Removed the domination update mails as they are spammy and bad for performance;
- Removed the lottery mails as they are spammy and bad for performance;
- Remove poker for now, until time to fix it.