Update 2.02: Minor tweaks and bug fixes


We updated MobstarGame to 2.02:

Version 2.01:

- Removed the forum in top menu;
- Change chat to Discord on the right side;
- Add "Airport" to top menu with dropdown;
- Remove the support form;
- Remove the FAQ section;
- Move the rest of the low menu items in the footer to the right side;
- Nerved the Major Crimes;
- Removed the spin the wheel option;
- Fixed styling issue in "Stats" where family names are cut short;
- Fixed styling issue in "Jail" where family names are cut short;
- Removed "bejeweled" from jail as that was Flash and well... Flash is sleeping with the fish;
- Fixed a styling issue on https://www.mobstargame.com/domination/view/US Where "contact" and "show drugs" overlap.

Version 2.02:

- NaN issue on the clock mobile;
- Changed the hitlist icons in search overviews to the central hitlist to make it more clear;
- Add Discord to the footer bottom right;
- Changed the Patreon logo too.

Crew Overview Page:
- Added a counter on the crew page displaying the current amount of family members;
- Fixed the domination image. You can now click the whole image for a redirect to domination;
- Fixed the vacancy bug (check yes, now actually shows as yes);
- Remove the "view more" to see all the members.

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