Update 2.0 for Mobstar - the best online browsergame in the maffia scene

Bug fixed:
- We fixed styling issue on profile
- order overview
- We fixed the crew domination pop up issues
- We fixed flighttime issues when you have two planes and sell one
- We fixed a typo on the skillset on promotion tool
- We fixed the bug where no in-game money showed on the mobshop
- We fixed a health bug when updating certain skills
- We removed comments on news, as it was spammed by bots

- We renewed the online player list. More clear, more neat and better overviews now
- We updated stats, more information is displayed. Check it out! It includes "Accuracy" all money and all bullets (including crew stocks)
- We tweaked max bullets with 25.000 and 799 a bullet (more cheap, more stock: action)
- As a brothel owner the stock of women is more random now
- Detectives is no longer based upon 15 minutes but on each second a person can be found now
- When invited to a crew you now get a pop up, with instant connection to your mailbox
- Minor updates and tweaks to improve UI or gameplay
- On domination updates the whole crew receives an email with that update
- We lowered and tweaked the amount of constructors. It's way less to start but it multiplies quickly
- We tweaked the whole crew page. It's now done with a WYSIWYG editor, so easy. We removed the crew quotes. Make sure you stand out with images and great items to include and show off your family
- Past attempts now also shown the cops that your tried to kill. We also added a message what you tried and when.
- We tweaked the horse tracks as a property a bit more, it now shows you the horse that "fit" the race. Makes it more easy to set-up a race.
- We tweaked the pop ups on domination to show all the information better
- As a Country Drug Store owner, AFK time from the game results in a warning, after that the casino is offered on the black market without your approval. So better be active to avoid this!
- When you decide to attack a cop, click on kill it's taken to detective so no more copy past shizzle
- Country bullet factory are 50% slower in creating new bullets
- We added on crew donations the amount of time before you can donate again, making this more clear!

- We added a mouse over to mailbox, forums, stats and more. When you go over a crewname with your mouse it shows more information to you.
Try it out and promote your crew to attrac more crew members.

-We added Patreon to support development in the future. More information on this wil be released in upcoming period.

- To support all crews of all sizes we wanted to take domination to the next level. We are proud to introduce 3 cities to each country! You can only own 1 city or 1 country. But it will be rewarded each 24 hours that you hold it. Go and own Amsterdam or whatever city you like

- New product: instant fly ticket! But this for a one time reset of cooldown on your character.

- New products: crew defense! Put your guard up, yes this is a payed feature. But attack is not, so we don't stimulate pay to win! We stimulate gameplay as much as we can. Hire guard dogs, lay down mines, places lights or add stone walls to defend your crew!

- New crew attack! Molotove your enemies, hit them with a launcher! How? Win the lottery, do organized crimes, win a bet on horse tracks, win a car race and have a % change to attack crew! After that the crew is on cooldown for X hours to defend themselves! You can damage building or even completly destroy them!

- New products: auto production machines! to produce on crew real estate! Yes, minor and medium machines launched to cut down cooldown and amount of constructors. Imagine them both with the constructor tweak! Start upgrading your crew!

- We added Kill Frenzy! Kill inactive accounts, earn points, win fabolous prices including crew attack items! Every 1 sunday of the month a kill frenzy is launched. Sign your crew up today!