Tweaks and updates on our mafia browsergame


- The country bulletfactory has a maximum stock of 50.000! No more bullets are added if you are not buying;
- We tweaked the blackjack a bit!
- We tweaked the jail system a bit.

- We also added the country bulletfactory to the country list overview. It's easier to get more and more bullets!
- We added in the drug labs of your personal real estate the wordt of you producing resources. This way you can better see what makes you more money because the stock is lower at the country drug stores! Go out and make some drugs.
- We updated the whole payment element of the game. Much much much easier to buy your honorpoints now! Als made the instant buy of products go to the detailpage to make sure you get all details.
- From now on the lottery gives away 5.000 bullets to the winner! Buy your tickets for only 10k each and get some bullets added to your account!
- We fully updated the black market! Filters are fixed; but from now after 7 days of trying to sell you get an alert that you have 7 day's left. After another 7 days the product is back in your inventory and off the black market automatically. This way we want to keep the black market clean!
- We updated stats! We added safe cash and safe bullets to the stats too so you can better keep track of your data!

We also updated and added new features for the admins in the game.