New update for our mafia browsergame: MobstarGame!


First support:
- Crew Real Estate pop up isn't functioning well. Especially when members are in the hospital.
Fixed, but please verify because this is a tricky bug.
- Bar payout of the woman was switched in the message, we fixed that.
- Graveyard issue with text on the grave being too long is now fixed with the addition of a character limit.
- An issue with special characters in the mailbox is fixed.
- Kill issues with tabs is now fixed
- Fixed a button related issue on show drugs in the drug section of the country overview
- Fixed the image issue on countries after flying (showing a broken image link before)
- Fixed the alt image showing on the images of the game. That was just annoying. Now it's gone.
- Fixed the issue when you clicked on "kill" you see some HTML code and then the page was loaded. Annoying too, now it's gone.
- Fixed jail issue that "set payout rewards" show but when in jail you can't go to that setting.
The button is removed when in jail. Active when you can actually use it.
- Fixed some minor styling issues and some performance related items.

- We made the production times of the bullet factories completely random. Picking up bullets is a sport.
- We made the communication of sales on the black market more clear.
You now receive this message:

You sold an item on the Black Market - 18-09-2018 19:36:30
You've sold 399 bullets on the black market for a total value of $ 1.907.868.

- Sorry, you can't steal from the admins anymore. Got so much messages due to that. Unsubscribe ;)
- We added a kill token link from the kill section to the shop.
- We integrated Discord in the website (see "Attention")
- We switched "jail" with "major crimes" in the dashboard.
- We opened "achievements" so you can see what you have to do to earn achievements! No more secrets, but something to work for!

- We added Discord, but had some issues with the "go live'.
We launched due to the wedding of admin. Tomorrow this issue and Mobshop products issues wil be fixed with an emergency patch.

NEW: Government owned bullet factories:
Every XX minutes XX amount of bullets is released in each country. It cost you $ 999 a bullet. That money leaves the game so a more healthier economy should be the result of this. It's more expensive and unpredictable so more fun for active players and more action in the long run! Hope you enjoy this. In the next release we will add it to the country overview too for quicker access to the stocks of bullets.

We hope you enjoy this. If you find any bugs or other unwanted issues, please report: support@mobstargame.com only with your help we can make this the best possible game in the webbased mafia scene. Thanks for everything, see you in next update!

//MobstarGame team