Video tutorials will help you start or become a better MobstarGame player

Finding your way in the world of mafia isn’t always easy. Every day, new challenges await. While most of the gangsters tend to stick to the past, they live in a volatile world. Change is now. The changing world of MobstarGame is calling for help, help in figuring out the new possibilities. Therefore, we introduce: tutorial videos.

In these short video’s, that are hosted on our YouTube-channel , different aspects of the game will be explained in layman’s terms. Ranging from ‘how to sign-up’ to ‘how to make cash’ and from ‘how to manage my brothel’ to ‘how to make profit on horse tracks’: it will all be in our video tutorials! We are looking into ways to incorporate the videos into the game.

For now, we have started off with two ‘basic’ videos. These videos are meant for new players, that need help in signing up for the game.

1. What to do on the pre-login screens?

Here we explain all the pages on www.mobstargame.com , before you log in to the game. While this will usually be pages that regular players don’t look at, they contain valuable information. Make sure to check out the video on YouTube:

2. How to sign up?

Signing up for the game. We like that. But, we want to make it as convenient as possible to sign up for the game, while maintaining the vital aspects of the sign up process.

For instance, we have learned that choosing the skill set isn’t always clear for new players. In this video, we address these main concerns. You can find the video on:

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Of course, we are always listening to our community and we know we have a lot of items to add to the FAQ and video tutorial, but we are always interested: on what topics or aspects of the game would you like to have a video tutorial? Let us know in the comments!