MobstarGame: The feature rich textbased mafia browsergame

The basics of MobstarGame textbased mafia game:

First and most importantly: MobstarGame is a free to play textbased mafia game. No pay-walls, no hidden cash elements! When setting up your character you obviously need to create a name for yourself. Every character is unique due to the connected skills to each character. This creates a unique environment for players to set the game up in the way they like it best. Care most about the business side? Want to play the killer role? You can boost your character by a smart set-up of your character.

Owning a mafia family, or being part of a family is crucial in any mafia scenerio.

A huge part of MobstarGame is the family side of the mafia experience. It adds skills to your skillset and offers a structure with boss positions, a wide variety of minister posts to cover the finances, war, drugs and constructions. You also manage the positions below that as a minister. Instructing and guiding soldiers, constructors or drug mules. Proof you are worthy and take that next step in your mafia career.

Money making in MobstarGame the mafia MMORPG:

While climbing the ranks more and more opportunities arise in the game. You start with some minor crimes and jailbreaking other criminals, but soon enough you can start doing some major crimes, drug smuggling, car theft, and organized crimes. Now the real money making machine is on. Hyperactive players can easily make millions per day, but you will need it. MobstarGame thrives on a healthy economy, so money can be invested.

Investing in-game dollars towards a healthy MMORPG economy:

Making money is nice, but you might also want to spend this wisely. A dynamic financial market with stocks might be your place. Next to that it’s smart to invest in upgrading your personal real estate. More protection, more production capacity, or more storage to transport your stolen cars. Investing in stacking up bullets is also a smart step.

Graveyard, killing and backfire as a part of this mafia game:

Being an associate with the mafia, doing crimes and building a name for yourself comes with a price. The target on your back becomes a bit bigger per day and you might not even notice thus. Being killed is part of this game. Your character dies with you. With that you return fire and might drag the killer with you. They need to sleep with the fishes too, capisce? When you are killed you get a part of your build up money back through a will that is added when relaunching your character. You can also add insurance, or add some key elements in a safe to always come back stronger. When you die you are added to the graveyard where people can leave a comment, rose or rotten fishes for you.

Own casinos, underground banks, country drug stores, bullet factories:

As an associate with the mafia you want to be in the place where money is made. So why not own that place? We offer more than 50 casinos, banks, stores and factories to own as a player. You can manage max bets, stimulate people to visit your locations because the more active users the more money to be made.

Events, Kill frenzy and community based activities

With a vibrant and active Discord (that’s free and anonymous) we offer a nice place to network, grow and learn. We have a team in multiple languages active to help you and guide you on your mafia journey. We also offer a wide range of events, some sparked by the community! Kill Frenzy is the biggest event we offer. Once per month the families have the chance to show off “kill skills” by shooting as many targets as they can in a limited time. It’s a free event, with massive in-game rewards:

1. $100,000,000 / 50,000 bullets / 50 family reputation

2. $75,000,000 / 35,000 bullets / 30 family reputation

3. $50,000,000 / 25,000 bullets / 15 family reputation

4.$25,000,000 / 10,000 bullets / 5 family reputation

5. $25,000,000 / 10,000 bullets / 5 family reputation

Sign up today, it’s free to play.

No crappy pay walls, no false promises. It’s totally free to play: we promise. So what are you waiting for? Join here and start your gangster career today. Don’t forget to join our vibrant Discord community: it’s also totally free and anonymous! Join 320+ players here on Discord.