First Kill Frenzy - Evil takes the glory

Our very first kill Frenzy: 200 targets to kill and go, go, go.
With the set date of every last Sunday we had the pleasure to launch during Christmas.
Because what better way to spend the joyful season of giving by handing out bullets! Exactly.

$375,000,000 in rewards to be claimed and we where off. Even on a Christmas day it took the community a couple of hours to blast away the targets.
Resulting in Evil claiming glory. 300 kill points. A big GG and round of applause for these scary motherfuckers. Runners up are the powerful Blood and Daimonds with 169 points, followed by the number three: Mobstar Legion with 58 points. After some hard work with guns blazing and blood everywhere you can now enjoy the benefits you deserve.

Next kill Fenzy is starting: sunday 30th of January! Event is created in Discord also, click here to join the event.