Updates on the Applications of our Mafia MMORPG are here!


We have updated both the Android and iOS Applications. The new versions can be found in the Google Play Store and on iTunes. This way, you can play our mafia mmorpg everywhere and anytime you want! Also, several minor points have been tweaked or resolved on the web version.

Update on the MobstarGame Applications

All bugs that where posted until Thursday 17 August should be resolved in the new versions of the applications.


  • GTA and Minor Crimes can't be performed at the same time as on the web version
  • Fixed styling of Crew and Profile pages
  • New Ranks have been added in the application as well

Our planning for now? Updating the applications with the new features that have been released the last month. So there is some nice work in progress!

Minor Updates on the Web Version

Over the last days, we have changed several things on the web version as well, to ensure gameplay is correct, features are attractive for players and a healthy 'environment'.

  • Shoot a cop: rewards have been increased to make it more lucrative to kill a cop.
  • Kill job: leaving the kill job will cause the kill job to fail
  • Crew boss can't apply on other functions any more
  • Can't perform 'Rob a crewbank' until you are hitman

We will keep resolving bugs and updating the game: more to come!

Download now: Android App: http://ow.ly/EhBP30eymns iOS App: http://ow.ly/7Pym30eymBB

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