Updates on our Maffia MMO


There has been another release on MobstarGame, the mafia MMO with it's own mobile applications!

What has been changed in this release? As usual, a couple of requests by actual players have been fulfilled. We're making this game great..together!

- We fixed the Organized Crimes issues again.
When you guys still encounter issues: report the time, your name and type of browser with to the bug. That’s for finding the right logs for us. Thanks!

- From now on all banned members lose their plots.

This way we keep the domination a clean process between players that really want to play the game. Remember: no cheating, let’s keep it a clean game. This was a request by a community member.

- You can now revoke your crew applications.

You want to be in a crew and applied for it? But you changed your mind? From now on you can “revoke” your application with one simple click. This was a request by a community member.

- You can now use “enter” in Booze and Smuggling.

With a simple “enter” you can send your request to us. No more mouse clicking in these modules. Saves you some extra time. This was a request by a community member.

- We have updated “Settings” on mailbox notifications:

You can now change some more personal settings. Hit the settings option and then “mailbox”. On high demand by the community we present you the option to switch off / on on mails regarding the jailbusting rewards and the release mail. You no longer know the one who set you free, but it does safe a lot on mails. This was a request by the entire community.


It’s live.

 More to come!