Update: Extortion is now available as an "Organized Crime"

Organized Crimes:
NEW: Extortion (Phase one of organized crimes)

After a lot of work on OC’s we just couldn’t live with it anymore: We deleted it entirely and started from scratch.

Phase one: Extortion! Phase one? Yes, we are also supporting 3 other organized crimes which are launched in the upcoming weeks. You can see them in your overview already. We launching the production job, killing spree and rob a bank! Later we will add more elements.

Extortion of a local business is easy money. Available every couple of hours for all ranks. You don’t have to do anything just join. 100% guaranteed pay-out. We even build in a surprising element with a little special “bonus”. But we wouldn’t be MobstarGame if some strategic elements are added. Which local business you want to extort is actually important in terms of money.

Some key elements:
- We work in rounds. Be careful a round can also be the last and you miss the change to rob.
- Each round needs one more gangster to join.
- If a round hasn’t enough gangsters joined the whole city is on lockdown. No more extortions possible… Cops everywhere!
- If you did an extortion you also have a personal cooldown. But it remains available every couple of hours.
- Pay-out becomes more interesting each round. Starting with 50.000 a gangster but increased with each round with a % and a certain amount.

If you make it to round 15 you could make up to a million a gangster with just one click.

So plan your extortion and round very carefully. In the next upcoming weeks we are expanding the organized crimes with new features and update missions with some new elements as well. Also a total new approach on rob a bank. That will be totally different from the current set-up. Stay tuned, as we start on development I will share the details so we can discuss it within the community.