Update: Black Market for bullets and inventory items!

Black Market:
The black market is a dark place full of stuff that's dirty. We got the best cars and bikes for you already. Or looking to own a casino or bullet factory. You can buy it all on the black market. But with more gangsters joining and more options available the demand to update the black market from the community was growing. So we updated it.

- You can now sell or buy bullets in the black market;
- You can now sell or buy inventory items in the black market;
- We added a cancel on sales so you as a sales man can also withdraw from the black market yourself;
- Items that aren't sold are removed after 30 days automatically.

- We increased the black market commission to 15%.
So be careful what you sell as 15% is taken from the total amount. We have to keep the cops away from the black market.

Note: Black Market is coming to the app in version 1.4.