Release 2.08 :: MobstarGame.com the browserbased mafia game


Release 2.08 is live now. It includes:

- Created the sender of mails to be “MobstarGame” in stead of “Mobstar”.
- Support call on detectives wasn’t really a bug, but we understand the confusions in time so we added the time on which you started your search and the time when you actually located your target.

Enhancement requests from the community:
- Added an enhancement as requested by “Link” & “zerowtjuh
You can now gamble or buy lottery tickets while in jail.
- Added an enhancement as requested by “Cuch0
You can now reset your results on a casino as an owner
- Added an enhancement as requested by “Greaz-a
You get the warning regarding the 5% fee when dividing money to your crew.
- Added an enhancement as requested by “Jill-
Minister of Communications is now able to click on profiles of people who applied for your crew (at vacancies).
- Added an enhancement as requested by “Senyri” & “Bannie
As a Minister of 'Something' (Construction, War, Drug) you are now able to send a message to all members under that position. (Constructors, drug mules)
- Added an enhancement as requested by “Enzy'
You can now add (music) in the forums.

- Stock Market and the rendement of your stocks. Created more intelligent solution based upon in-game activities. So plan your stocks and other investments in a smart way.
- Jail is tweaked some more. Your % grow twice as fast now. 0.2% when not able to bust out another gangster. 0.4% when busting out a gangster.

Support calls:
- Fixed the issue when a moderator or other MobstarGame personnel was status alive when actually killed;
- After an OC you didn’t lose your car, now you do;
- Delete button issue on the tabs on “Kill"
- Fixed this typo: Should say 'ship your vehicle' rather than 'ship your car' seeing as you can steal bikes…
- When you fail to “Extract Oil” as a minor Crime you get a strange image.
- Fixed the profile view support call on a country drug store overview
- Safe missing a 0 when waiting to upload more to your safe is now fixed
- Fixed an IP issue on your accounts -> setting
- Blackjack issue with multiple A’s
- Kill -> weapon damage issue is resolved
- Stats issue with the casino ranking