Release 2.07 :: Mobstargame the best text based mafia MMORPG game

We created a special chat server for the organized crimes. Check it out, should increase performance and stability. We are looking into the styling later. It’s a bit “1995” at the moment.

- Added an enhancement requested by “Xelm the Risen”
When you get caught trying to bust out a fellow gangster a small % is added in which you can escape from the police yourself.
- When in jail you can now check the stats
- When you shoot a rival he ends up in the hospital. From now on the damage on the health of your opponent is also done on his skill set. So more damage is done after the first shots. Your skillset also recovers based upon your hospital.
- We added some smiley’s to the organized crimes chat
- Each crew can now only hold 1 domination spot in the entire game. So the highest amount is what you are rewarded for. The rest is not helping your crew forward.

- Busting out another gangster from jail is now more easy when you start up as a gangster.
- Jail when you reach 100% has even better busting chance then before
- You go to jail a bit more then before.
- Tweaked the settings regarding the updates in real estate. It’s a little bit more difficult.

Support calls:
- Fixed the last stats issues as a minister of drugs
- When leaving your crew the right amount of health is taken from your account
- Mission pop up issue is resolved
- Mission timer issue is resolved
- Can't delete detective results is resolved
- Admin styling issue when owning in red on BF / CDS
- Crew forum page 2 issue is resolved.
- Styling: White area when you open lead factory is resolved
- Styling: the quote on your profile gives a white stripe is resolved