Release note 2.05 MobstarGame.com the mafia based MMORPG

- Tweaked the jail. 0% is 0% and then you get better, and better, and better...
- Tweaked OC's. You have a higher probability of succeeding. Also tweaked the reward system. You car is really important.
- Tweaked the time spans of Car Theft steps in missions.

- Added a feature request by “Greaza”:
Add a warning before deleting all your messages;
- Added a feature request by “Yendisz”:
Increased the % of finding your targets when using the detectives;
- Added a feature request by “Greaza”:
You can unassign soldiers from missions now;
- Added a feature request by “Greaza”:
You can cancel the assignment of soldiers on missions.;
- Added a feature request by “Don Vito Genovese”:
Added a “Designer” topic to the main forum.
- Added an enhancement request from: "Baseman":
An OC can be done every 21 hours.
- Added an enhancement request from: “Enzy”:
Make it possible to edit your signature and use "enter" for the next alinea/sentence.
- Added an enhancement request from: “Jill”:
When kicking someone, you get the message "Are you sure that you want to kick this member" It would be a great addition to change that to "Are you sure that you want to kick *name*?”
- Added an enhancement request from: “Groblit”:
Money, crimes, car theft etc are clickable in the top bar now.
- Added an enhancement request from: “Cuch0”:
The Organised Crime country is included in OC invites from now on
- Added an enhancement request from: “Cuch0”:
Online gangsters list, can you add the crew as well?

- When you look at the country page, on the bottom there are the casinos listed, and there is a percentage symbol after max bet (instead of a dollar symbol?)
- Fixed the crewbank, and added the 5% warning when transferring money
- Fixed the jail issue with more % when waiting for the message to end
- Fixed the minister of communications issue on the crew profile page
- Fixed this call back: "Your crew distributed 0 kg of drugs, you've got $ 0,- out of it! Good business!"
- Fixed the minor crimes issue in callback text issue.
- The crew hospital fixed (was only not active when member left the crew)
- Did not spend my points at the start, now I am not able to spend them anymore. You get a warning when setting up your account
- Crew Real Estate: Seems something is wrong with assigning new constructors when it's already activated. Text issue (it's a feature) so we stated "wait for cool down"
- When decide to delete a OC it disappears from your page. But apparently others can still see it and join...
- You can't see the gear you take with you on the OC. It states gear:
- I just got the "Pop off" and " i am the boss" achievements, but I've had those amounts of bullets for a week now. Sometimes its also too early there is something wrong
- the [img= commando in mails does not work….
- Not really a support call --> Minor CSS fix. If you search for a member (in crew menu to donate bullets etc) The players name is almost the same colour as the background. So it is hard to read. This also in general search, connections, detectives etc.
- Because of the crew pics, you can't scroll down to click 'Close window'. Also: the same window doesn't scale our image correctly and doesn't fix into the box (it's not a square).
- I still get the crew messages after I have left the crew
- Sometimes crew positions gives old avatars
- Missions timer issue is fixed
- Styling issue in the online player list
- Fixed roulette

Thanks for the support.

//MobstarGame team