Release 2.04 :: MobstarGame.com the mafia based MMORPG

New feature:
- Still a work in progress. But we are working on “Character” on your profile.
All your equipped gear will be displayed here. It’s not visible to other gangsters. Unless the detective finds you. Then the equipped items are visual for the enemy that found your location.The items you don’t have to equip are still hidden to the enemy though. So you can surprise them with a counter attack.

- Jail some more to get it right;
- Blackjack tweak to get booth sides happy;
- We tweaked the OC, the chance to success is better.

- Country drug store owner should receive a message when drugs are bought and the amount he made. No mail is send at the moment;
A request from “Cuch0":
- Stealing cars from other crews helps with completing your mission;
A request from “Resolve”:
- If you reply can the name be posted as well
A request by “Bannie”:
- When you get kicked out of your crew, you do not get a message in your inbox that you have been kicked

Support calls:
- In crew vacancies the select box is ticked even if I disable it.
- When construct real estate of crew real estate all it states is in state of giving feedback on improving the particular building.
- Typo 0 issue when selling your resource in personal real estate drug lab. It should state that price is based upon the buying country drug store.
- Orders open under profile, when did complete it;
- Crew avatar issue is fixed;
- Crew forum edit hidden 404 issue;
- Crew forum edit rights -> can't create a topic;
- Bossin image is broken.
- We fixed the achievement -> NO HP issue
- We fixed the mobshop (open search and 2 *1000 HP) issue
- Fixed the cool down issue

Mobile application:
Check the special news regarding the mobile application right here Check the special news regarding the mobile application right here

Happy Gaming.

//MobstarGame team