Property and Casino Release Schedule and Minor Update - MobstarGame

Casino Release Plan

This Monday, 14-08-2017, all in-game casino's in our online maffia mmorpg are dropped at random times by the current admin team.
Making the whole community in control of the economics, bullets and casino owning business.

That's going to be some epic "kill frenzy" action online. You need to be at least local boss and have 100.000 cash to pick up one of the casino's.
You still have this weekend to rank up and OWN.

So what are you waiting for? Rank up! How?

  • Minor Crimes
  • Major Crimes
  • Car Theft
  • Jail Busting
  • Making ALL 6 Personal Real Estates and Upgrading them
  • Kill Jobs
  • Production Jobs
  • Bank Jobs
  • Smuggling Drugs
You also need some start-up funds, we understand.
So here are some money making tips:

  • Missions
  • Minor and Major Crimes
  • Kill Jobs
  • Production Jobs
  • Bank Jobs
  • Smuggling Drugs
  • Car Theft (Then Selling cars)
  • Daily Votes

Minor Mafia Game Update

- On promotions we changed the text. It includes the rank now. This way we want to make it more clear to the community what your new reputation is and your reward on reaching that.

- A weird bug within the text when a user has special characters on certain payouts within the organized crimes is now resolved.

- Certain accounts had an issue with uploading new avatars. This is fixed and live, so make your account have that cool vibe once again.

- From now on you can’t rob a crewbank until you reach the rank of hitman. That is a dangerous in-game element so be careful when you use it, it might get you killed.

- We had a bug report on under bosses not being able to do the matching minor crimes, that’s resolved and live. 

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