Property Release Schedule and Updates on our Maffia MMORPG

Property Release Schedule and Updates on our Maffia MMORPG


It’s time to update you on the business we have conducted in the past few weeks. Also, there is an overview of the things that are going to happen in the next few weeks: the release schedule for all the properties that are still under the control of the government.

Fixed Issues

First, we have launched an update with the following fixed support calls:

  • Blackjack issue has been fixed
  • Delete  deleted mails has been fixed
  • Mailbox issue  dropdown select crews has been fixed
  • Some styling issues on the online players list have been fixed
  • Fixed an issue on “find a woman” with cooldown on the possibility that you don’t find a woman.

Additions on our Mafia MMORPG

Also, we made these changes to the game:

  • Mobstar Forum is now just “forum” to save up room for future possibilities
  • When you fail a mission you now receive a mail with the reason why you failed. This should decrease the support calls on “did not receive my pay-out”
  • “Double” feature on Blackjack now has an option to grasp another card. So when you double your bet, you can request more cards in order to win!
  • A pop up for “Rob a bank” has been added. In this pop-up, you can read that you don’t have to do anything until the leaders hand out your assignment! Wait for the instructions, fulfill them and you can make an awesome amount of ca$h.

MobstarGame Marketing Activities

  • The Instagram-icon has been added in the footer. Be sure to keep an eye out for our social posts. Our new social activities include announcing the player of the week, fun game facts, features explained and other mafia related news.
  • “SEO” upgrades to the website before login. A good indexation in Google takes time, we are working to increase our visibility in the search engines.

Release Schedule for Properties

10-07 / 16-07 -Country Drug Store, Brothel

17-07 / 23-07 - Roulette, Horse Track

24-07 / 30-07 - Brothel & Horse Track

31-07 / 06-08 - Blackjack & Country Drug Store

07-08 / 13-08 - Dice Game

14-08 / 20-08 - Last Roulette, Dice game

21-08 / 26-08 - Brothel & Last Horse Track

27-08 / 02-09 - Last Blackjack & Last Country Drug Store

03-09 / 09-09 - Brothel, Last Dice game

10-09 / 16-09 - Bullet Factory Week (Special Week! Release all the bullet factories in the game)

Make sure to check your mail regularly for the release of these properties. That way, your chances of becoming the owner of one of those highly-valuable assets will be maximized.

When you have any questions, feel free to contact our support system!


// Mobstar Team