Official Mobstargame mobile application update 1.4

1.4 App release iOS / Android

- Personal Stats:
Check your own account stats. How much did you loot, steal in GTA or… kill? It’s available in your own “Personal Stats” based upon your account.

- Financial Market:

Put your money in the stocks, transfer payments, make automatic payments, transfer honorpoints, pay a crew and so, so, so much more.

- Crew Positions:

Within the world of mafia it’s crucial to become more powerful within your family. That’s available right now. Apply at a crew and become a member. But show your skills and become a soldier, drug mule, constructor or even a minister position or council? What’s your gangsters career plan?

- Black Market:
Sell your cars, boats, plains, guns, bullets, casino’s, bullet factories or country drug store to other gangsters. The black market is open 24/7!

Enjoy! More to come.

Downloadlink for iOS (App Store)
Downloadlink for Android (Google Play)