New marketingcampaign has been launched - MobstarGame and A4G

MobstarGame is continuously being improved. Improved to be a more enticing MMORPG game for the gangsters that are playing right now and in the future.

A vital element for our game is volume. You need gangsters to kill, form alliances with, to network with and so on. So: we need more gangsters!

Introducing...Ad4Game - A4G

In order to attract new players, we have started a campaign with Ad4Game (website: http://www.a4g.com) .

This advertising agency is specialised in the gaming industry. They have formed a huge network with publishing websites, where they offer games a place to advertise. All these publishers have websites that are game-related, which makes this an ideal platform to reach people that love gaming.

And that’s exactly what we are looking for! Game-loving people that can’t wait to start up their own maffia-imperium.

MobstarGame and A4G

Therefore, we have decided to start a pilot with A4G. Over the next period of time, we will attract new players via A4G’s advertising network.

It would be great when all the players could give these ‘newbies’ a warm welcome and a helping hand. After all, you need these players, too! And to all you new gangsters out there: have fun, make your mark.