New feature: Horse Tracks as a new casino

New feature: Horse Track 

So, horse tracks… A new casino is added for each country. You can bet on horses. It’s based upon a betting system with a payout on selected amounts by the owner.

We got three types of horses:

- Regular horses

- Strong horses

- Powerful horses

Train Horses:
When you train horses you can see the “worth” grow. Because more power is added each time you upgrade a horse (under “Profile” and then “Real Estate” you must build a “Horse Stable” and press it) you see a “sell” options. That’s connected to the black market so players can create a active program on horses.

Further more each country has an owner of a horse track. We also added it to the stats. With this new properties an owner can buy offered horses. So be sure to offer your horses because you can sell them for 2 times the amount it’s worth.

When enough horses are in a horse track the owner can set-up races. You can filter those races on type of race. He can also provide a payout in ratio for each horse. The minimum is 1:2 so when that horse wins you get 3 dollar (profit is 2 dollar then ;)). A 1:10 ratio makes a dollar 10 dollar (9 dollar profit ;)).

When another horse wins all money is payed out to the winners the rest is win for the casino. So the owner must be smart enough to make it interesting for gamblers to come, but he wants to make some nice cash of course. So find a balance worth enough for the gamblers. But of course there is always a change that another horse owns the race, but the more power the more likely that horse will win.


Yeah, each race a horse loses power. Also they lose freshness. Power isn’t regained but freshness is by 2% each hour. This will effect the race so be careful betting in terms of freshness of a horse. 

When a horse is useless for an owner… He can make some nice lasagna by hitting the “make meat” button on his property. 50% of the value at that point is added on your account. 


We created an epic top flat design race simulator on the horse track. Just hit the view button and watch the race unfold. We are also working on the race track to offer this too.

Please send us all feedback and other thoughts and wishes so we can improve it even more in the future.

It's live!