New feature: Bars & Brothels

We introduce: Bar & Brothels to MobstarGame.

That’s right: 16 new properties to own, new personal real estate and new earning model for players, owners and crewmembers.

So let’s start with the explaining of this feature:

1. You can now create a bar in your personal real estate. Starting from 25.000 it’s interesting for all players.

2. You can sell your illegal booze there. In small numbers, but the higher your bar is ranked, the more visitors and the more you can sell. If you are in a crew (and maybe own a liquor store?) no worries: Bonus for crew members is a 20% increase of your illegal booze productions.

3. On the right side of the pop up of the bar you see three woman you can find here. It’s a blond, red head and brunette. If you hit the “Find women” you can find a girl. If you do it’s added to your bar, you can get 100 women for each level of the bar. So level 10 means 1000 woman.

4. In the left menu we added “Brothel”. 4 in each country. We got one for the country itself, which is the most powerful and the three top cities for each country. Those cities all have the same capacity which is 50% less then the country Brothel.

5. The owner of a brothel can hire women from the gangsters who picked up women in the bar. If those women are found they are offered automatically to all the brothel owners. When a woman is picked you receive a mail as gangster with information what brothel she is working at and how much the brothel “rented” from you.

6. At that point the brothel starts making money. The largest one can support 10 women for each % that that country is owned in domination. So if all 100 spots are sold in the country he can hire 1.000 women and the cities 500 each. If only 20% is occupied it’s 200 etc etc.

7. Money! Let’s talk money. 
The money is divided each hour:
$20 for plot owner
$50 for casino owner
$20 for each level of the bar of the player renting out the women

So if you have a level 10 bar and you rented out 100 women…
It’s 200 * 100 each hour making you: 20.000 each hour as a gangster.

As a brothel owner it could be: 1.000 * 50 = 50.000 each hour. That makes you a stunning 1.200.000 each day!

Extra intel:
8. Owners see the profit under properties. Land owner and gangster receive a mail at 00:00 each day with daily profits.

9. A woman only works 7 day’s and then retires. Also if a gangster get’s shot or a crew get’s shot some woman will randomly leave the brothel because they will be set free. No more room for those women. The brothel owner can hire new girls next time a spot of domination is taken by a crew. Doesn’t matter who owns a plot.

10. Number of women who you found in the bar and money made is added to the personal stats. Also the money made from the brothel as a plot owner is added to the pop up “revenue”

So that’s it. We added “Brothel” to the black market as well. It was awesome building this and thinking it through.

We hope you love it!

Many questions will follow. Please contact “Keizer” for this.


//MobstarGame team