New feature - Character on your profile


Of course we are proud of our "dynamic" skill set and the dynamic kill field that is added by these elements within the game. But we want to grow and continue with cool new products and development. Including elements that improve your character. So we made a plan. Oh, and it's launched.

Under profile, you now have a tab called "character". Some of the items in the Mobshop (or later maybe through contests) must be equipped. Those items will get special content. It's not obligated and it's not visual for other players. But...

When a detective finds your opponent, he will tell you a little bit more to hopefully understand your opponent a little bit better. When you find your enemy, your detective tells the location, whether the gangster is important to the crew and further more... it now reveals the items with the special character signs.

So if you have nothing equipped you do display your weakness. Or maybe... Just maybe... This gangster has other gear? So it remains a bit of a mystery who you are shooting, but your detectives are smart and will reveal a lot about your enemy.

Good luck on hunting and killing all your enemies.