New bullet feature, updates and more!


Another update for web and applications including a new bullet feature is live!

New bullet feature

It’s now possible to crush your (stolen) cars and turn them into bullets. Each $2.000 net worth of your car creates a single bullet. It’s expensive, but you can steal cars for free right? So log in, crush those cars and produce bullets for your gangster!

Web updates

  • We have made the following changes to the web browser:
  • We changed a lot of text and mails in-game. Some typo’s have been addressed clear what just happened;
  • We have fixed the styling issue with training and selling a horse;
  • We updated the message when you rent out women;
  • We added the country drug store title and country in the message;
  • We have fixed the bug with lead offering for the highest price;
  • Street race issue with a forever lasting race has been fixed;
  • We have fixed reported issues on lead in insurance;
  • We have fixed a double DEA-bug. If you were already active your cash got withdrawn, that’s fixed now, also on both applications.


  • We have fixed the jail bugs;
  • We have fixed the bug with the red number of unread messages not disappearing in the app;
  • We updated the inventory with a “crush” option.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team or use the forums. Have fun playing MobstarGame!