New Ranks, New Major Crimes and Tweaks for Faster Gameplay on our Maffia MMORPG


The new update is live. Please read this carefully, because it’s MAJOR.

Tweaks for faster gameplay on our Maffia MMORPG

1. A community wide request: Quicker Crimes!
All minor crimes can now be done after 1 minute cooldown.
This was 2 minutes, so more crimes, more money, more XP and quicker gameplay!
Enjoy. This is live.

2. A community wide request: Quicker GTA!
2 minutes cooldown less on GTA times! Do more GTA, go make cash!

Connecting with gangsters is vital for survival

3. We update community possibilities with the all new @Mention in the forum!
Go to the forum and use the @mention with that you can talk to members who receive an e-mail with a short cut to the forum. This way you can include people in discussions.

4. To make it more clear we changed the “flight” element on the game.
We moved it to the right just above “spin it” including the country flag you are in and cooldown (when you have it of course)

5. Cooldown on “kill” is extended to one hour

Changes to Mob Missions

6. Missions: the reward for a Godfather mission is now raised to $2.000.000
Go and claim your rewards.

7. Missions are now more story based. Your tasks are presented by a “Don”. So better not screw that sh*t up!

8. Crews can now only hold 10 or 20 members. 10 members can be launched for 1.000.000 and 20 members can be launched for 10.000.000 later we increase those numbers upon a stable community.

Dead gangsters don't have to start all over again!

9. We thought that if you played in the world of gangsters you already gained some kind of respect. Especially if you compare it to the “newbs”. That respect is now connected to a rank. When you die you now return as an Apprentice. To support that we launched 9A and 9B

9 A: Online Gangsters list is now completely random. So not based upon sign-up date or something, it’s just random. This makes it easier to disappear when needed.

9 B: Stats -> Sign-ups are only NEW players. So real, new players! Give the a warm welcome and tour on how the game works! Returning players won’t show up on stats anymore, more reason to become invisible if you want to plan your revenge.

5 New Ranks have been added

10. We updated the ranks within the game. All new players are “Bacteria” and need to climb the full ladder of MobstarGame. Returning players are apprentice right away and can skip the first 4 steps.
So, what can you carry? And what are the new ranks:

Godfather / Godmother - 50 kg/liter
Don / First Lady - 40 kg/liter
Mademan / Madewoman - 35 kg/liter
Boss / Bossin - 30 kg/liter
Underboss/ Underbossin - 25 kg/liter
Local Boss / Local Bossin - 20 kg/liter
Assassin / Assassin - 15 kg/liter
Hitman / Hitwoman - 10 kg/liter
Apprentice / Apprentice - 8 kg/liter
Thug / Thug Misses - 5 kg/liter
Crook / Crook - 4 kg/liter
Low Life / Low life - 3 kg/liter
Bacteria / Bacteria - 2 kg/liter

No worries, XP didn’t change. The GF rank is still exactly the same XP amount as before.

11. Rank promotions.
We decided to reward ranking a bit more with some nice $ bonus and also: honorpoints! You are welcome.

More action, more money: major crimes

12. New feature: Major Crimes!
Every 3 minutes you can now commit a major crime. This can be done from the rank of bacteria and up. You got 6 types of major crimes. Good luck on trying them, it gives you nice XP and cash rewards. Next to that we included a “steal from a crewbank” option. Yes, steal from another crewbank is now possible. But be aware on succeeding or failing is a mail send out to the council. It includes your name so be aware of any retaliation.

So what are you waiting for? Start playing our awesome browser maffia game now!