New Organized Crime: "Rob a Bank"

New organized crime: “Rob a Bank”

A new Organize Crime (OC) is added. When you hit the rank assassin you get access to “Rob a Bank” and all it’s features. It’s not the version you might expect. We changed it, a lot. Maybe it’s better to explain it all the way.

When you hit the “join” option and your team races the 5 members you enter the bank. Make sure that all sign-up accounts are active because you need 5 active members to make this OC work and make a lot of money.

Yes, you need gear to shake off the cops and crack the vault. So make sure you have enough cash. Each member needs to bring 100.000 to buy all the gear he needs during this OC. When the last member is in a pop up appears stating the OC has begon. At that point you can buy the gear. In the logs of the Rob a Bank crime you see who already bought his/her gear.

At that point a player will receive a special mail. That mail contains information provided by a rat inside the bank or police department! This is classified information on what to do, with what gear, bullets and explosives.

We have a verity of information coming your way including:
- Team member;
- Location;
- Hostage;
- Explosive;
- Security;
- Weapon;
- Bullets;
- Communication

All that information is send to a player who needs to assign the task to the member also mentioned in the mail. Do not make a mistake or the OC fails!


All team members will receive a special assignment on random times. If all completed you as the players have the option to stop the OC. A nice amount of cash is divided between the players. But you can also just continue. The amount of cash you make will grow every minute. Until a certain time where you have a couple of minutes to escape the scene. 

Important: this requires a car! You need to escape the scene and each player needs a car for that because you leave the OC separately to distract the cops. You got 5 minutes to fulfill your tasks and your get-away.

If all the members have selected their “get away cars” and escape the crime scene the payment, lead, bullets and XP is added to all involved gangsters. This car must have a higher value then 100.000 and be fully repaired. 

Good luck and we are looking forward to the feedback.

//MobstarGame team