New Feature: Grave Digging


Grave digging is stealing from a dead gangster. You are sure he was a wealthy man? Or still had some valuable bullets on him? Or you know about some awesome items? Well this is the way to get it back. Start digging and reclaim 20% of this gangsters account, but be careful. It can also be nothing and it’s a single use product. So your chances are over at that point.

But if the grave is totally empty then you see a red skull on the grave detail page. Don't try it if you see that, the grave is robbed more then 5 times which makes it like… empty. Just a tip….

When you rob a grave you get a pop up with your earnings. It works pretty easy. Hit the grave you want to rob then hit the “rob” button and you are done. It’s alway successful, but we can’t make cash or bullets on a gangster if this guy has nothing on him. So once again: be careful which grave you rob.

Enjoy this new feature. It’s live!