New Feature: Grave Bulldozer


Another new feature is live. We are proud to introduce the best cover up method for your previous account, or one of the best ways to make your enemies be forgotten as soon as possible: Grave Bulldozer. That’s right. No more evidence of this person in the graveyard.

So, how does it work? As you all know we got the central MobstarGame graveyard. It’s a crowded place as all dead gangsters end up in the graveyard. We thought that the world of mafia sometimes requires the total removal of a gangster.

Why? Well it can be useful to cover up your tracks or remove the trails to this account. Just buy the bulldozer, hit that button and let the bulldozer remove this grave from the graveyard. Nobody can sign it, see it in the graveyard or start connecting some dots… It’s gone. But be careful. Dead accounts can be found in stats or through search. It’s still possible to investigate, but if it’s done quick and lots of stats are running, it’s possible to cover it up.

Furthermore, how about the biggest thing you can do to hurt a gangster? Take away the moment for his loved ones to mourn the loss of this gangster. You can really humiliate your enemy by removing the only place where they can leave a message for their friend. Payback on an entire new level. Removing the grave is like removing your enemy from the books. Never existed except for some stats and a dead account in the search. Nobody cares about that.

It’s live. Enjoy.