New Feature: Garage (Real Estate) and Streetrace (Gamble)

Gangsters do business. Anywhere, but especially at the tracks. One of those tracks is launched and we needed a garage to do so. So; here it is. If you hit the "Profile" menu and then "Real Estate" you can click on a space in order to build real estate. As we already know.. We got a villa to add defense skills to your gangsters (harder to be killed). We got lead as a earning model to sell to the country bullet factory or donate to your crew (max 250 KG), and we got the drug labs so you can produce resources to sell to the country drug store..

But.. We got more. We got the garage. With level one you can support one car or motor. And as you might guess... Level 10 support 10 vehicles. You can repair and upgrade those cars. That's quit important because the better the car the more change you have when you want to join the "Streetrace" which is live and added to the menu left under "Casino". It's a free for all feature. You can challenge other gangsters and bet money on you winning the race. But, be careful a small % is dynamic so you can alway's lose a match. But of course the more effort, the more change of you winning the race.

We support four types of tracks:
Small Tracks: Cars up until 50.000 can race
Medium Tracks: Cars up until 249.00 can race
Large tracks: Cars up starting from 250.000 can race
Motor tracks: For bikes only.

Also the stats are added under personal stats. You can brag about your track results.
Enjoy, it's live!

//MobstarGame team