New Feature: Booby Traps

Hurt your enemy of target a crew with a "Booby Trap"


Booby traps! Yes, you can now hurt a gangster or a family member by planting a "booby trap" on a grave. Read this note very carefully because it’s complicated.

Here it is:
- Plant a booby trap when you sign a grave
- Give 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% damage on the health of your enemy
- Get a witness statement of the action and the country your target is in
- Hit a crew member or a specific gangster

Read this release note carefully! As it's important to fully understand this feature.

In the mobshop we present four types of booby traps. Each do damage on the health of a gangster. So no, you can’t kill him/her. but you can do some serious health damage to your enemy. Depending on the type of booby trap damage can move up to 50%!

"Placing a booby trap is the easy part.
Making a strategic choice on "how" is the tricky part."

Once you own a type of booby trap you can now visit the grave you want to plant it on. Just leave a gift. This can also be the default option with roses or fishes. Type a message, select your gift and just select the checkbox that states “Leave a booby trap”.

If you check that box some more options unfold. Select your booby trap first. Then you got two fields, but be careful as you can only fill one of those fields. The first one is triggered on the username of the gangster, so you can specify your target. The second one is crew based. The booby trap will go off on the first member visiting this grave.

When you hunt, let the game come to you.

Just to be even more specific... The gangster from that crew only has to visit the grave to make the explosion go off. At that moment a witness statement is send out to you as you set the booby trap. You can now finish the job quicker than before because your enemy is hurt. Further more a witness statement is send to a member who was or is online in the last 5 minutes.

If you got hit by a booby trap a pop up shows with the tool used to hit you. You might want to fly immediately because your location is revealed too. Be careful, because if somebody removes this grave with the bulldozer option you lost your booby trap.

With this tool we hope to further intensify the gameplay and wars between the rivaling players and crews besides to only shooting at your enemy.

More to follow. Enjoy this update.

//MobstarGame team