New Feature: "The Production Job" as a new organized crime is now live


Want to make some cash? I can't really talk to you because the cops are everywhere and I think they tabbed into my phone. So just go to the organized crimes section... Hit the join button and you are in my team. More instructions will follow through that channel as well.

"The Production Job" is a team effort to start the campagne. With 4 other gangsters (so 5 in total) you start a production job. At that point you get instructions on what resources and liquor you must create with your team. Everybody get's XP and when you hit the number pay out is guaranteed! But... Pay out is done based upon efforts. So the more you produce conform your task, the more money you make! It's that easy. No time limit and only a cool down when you left a "Production Job" or finished one.

So ready to make some more cash? Money is power right? Enjoy this new OC it's live. Oh and it's also available for all players. No matter your rank. Good luck!

//MobstarGame team