New Feature - Texas Holdem Poker

That's right. Oh, and before we forget: it's 100% FREE for all players. No pokerchips or payed account is needed. It’s open for all players, and we got some other awesome elements added to our version of “Texas Holdem Poker”

What to expect:
- 100% free. All players can join.
- 100% "poker chips free" no payments, chips or other stuff is needed
- You play Poker with your in-game cash.
- New design, awesome styling and later this year added to the upcoming apps.
- Anonymous gameplay is possible, but that costs you the same amount as the big blind active on the table of your choice.

Create your own poker table:
You can create your own terms on which you wish to play Texas Holdem Poker. We like dynamic gameplay, so set up your own table!
- Create a name that attracts other players to join your table;
- Set your blinds;
- Set up your table type (No Limit, Pot Limit, Fixed Limit)
- Invite your connections;
- Set-up the amount of gangsters that can join your table. Must be in between the 2 or 10 seats;
- Time to react can be set as well.

Enjoy! It's live.