MobstarGame mobile app update 1.5 for Android (Google Play) and iOS

1.5 version of the official MobstarGame app is live.

Real Estate:
Select "Real Estate" in the menu right and work on your "Garage", "Bar" and "Stables". They are added in this release. Update your car and horses and invest in them to make even more cash. Or find woman willing to work for you in the bar.

That's right. Make the woman work for you and make some nice extra $$! We added the three main city's and a country brothel to each country.

Black Market:
Sell your horses to other gangsters, buy a brothel, added the buy amount option with bullets and more. Check out the update Black Market in the app!

Updated domination to show new casino & Horse Track, also fixed the country overview.

Update your profile as a gangster to show off all the stuff you own under properties.

New mailbox for in-game related mail is added. "MobstarGame" is only for in-game related mails. So check it out in the menu in the right.

Support Calls:
Fixed all reported support calls