MobstarGame has been Reset - 100+ Players and Counting

What?! A reset? Does that mean that this maffia browser game has mistakes, people where cheating or something else?


Our MMORPG should be fair and square

It was time for some fresh air. The forces and money in the game where skewed, it was hard for new players to catch up on regulars..even for a little bit. Changes to the structure and processes in the game have been made, which assure that:

  • Players will rank faster
  • You'll be 'back' from death quicker
  • Money can be made more easily
  • More options have been added for more gameplay

100+ gangsters in 12 hours and counting

Luckily, after the reset a lot of gangsters quickly joined to make their mark on the game as quick as possible. When logging in, they also found out about this crazy new section..called the Police Station. With 4 (!) extra features for you. We'll elaborate on those features in a new post.

Don't miss out on your chance to earn respect, make those kills and get the big bucks. We already have people that are assassin..THAT is how quick you can rank up. Impress the crowd.

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