MobstarGame Web Support Update

Games are never done. Especially a mafia game with lots of dynamic and connected elements. Bugs lurk in the dark, waiting to creep up on us on the weirdest moments.

We had a few bugs in the system, which caused some confusion in the game. Luckily, we where able to repair most of them! We will try and keep our mafia game clean of those nasty buggers, of course.

Property owning issues and other support calls

- Property drop issue.

When properties where dropped or owners got killed, the property would still show up as their property on domination and on the brothel list. Owners couldn’t manage those items though.

- Mobshop giving 404-error when using the ‘back’-button.

Minor, but it was there.

- FAQ-buttons returning 500-error.

Wasn’t nice for new players that our FAQ wasn’t working as it was supposed to be. This has been fixed.

Minor additions and changes to our Mafia Game

- In order to give the gangsters more insight into their earnings, we have added a section in the ‘Bar’ real estate, which shows you your last pay-outs.

- There has been a tiny tweak in your chances to find a woman in the bar as well, you casanova’s somehow have way to much success with those women.

- Cars need to be shipped in order to crush them into bullets.

There’s no easy way out any more. It is to risky to crush cars in the same country as where you stole the car. Therefore, cars now need to be shipped before you can crush and make bullets of them.