MobstarGame (Textbased Mafia MMORPG) :: Release 2.09

Mobile Application for iOS and Android release note 0.9:
Yes, we got a release date. Also we updated the development proces. 1.0 will be the alpha release with not all the features. After that the releases will come sooner with of course the full game available for iOS and Android. Full release note is right here.

New feature: Smuggle as a gangster:
We updated the “drugs” plan within the game with a new feature for all the gangsters. You can now smuggle drugs yourself. Release note is right here.

New feature: Dynamic backfire on your gangster:
We updated the “backfire” within the game with a new feature for all the gangsters. You can now determine your backfire based upon the rank of your enemy and with three types of backfire. Release note is right here.

- As requested by “Basemas”
You can now select the country you wish to start in when creating a (new) account.
- As requested by “Xelm The Risen”
After successfully stealing a car we added a direct shipping option.
- As requested by “Bannie”
We added a select the resources option to your drug lab as a gangster. You are no longer locked in your choice.
- Did some more styling on the blackjack table. The cards are shown a bit smaller now, so we can add more cards to the table.
- As a new gangster you now start with 25.000 (was 5.000)
- We updated the mailings. They are now send through Amazon “SES”. Sign-up & password forgotten are now delivered quicker and with lower bounce rates.

Updated Poker:
- When you make your move the next one in line is up. No more waiting for the clock.
- Removed the test table
- When your turn is up you will see it in the tab, you can’t say that we didn’t warn you.
- Made a gameplay adjustment in design, the buttons are now styled in the center at the table.
- Call is now the actual amount what you need to pay in stead of the total (when a part is already payed)
- We added a “sit out” on the table. But be aware, you can’t be in a sit out status for more then 15 minutes or you get kicked. Also you have to pay the big blind when you are up.
- Default raise is now locked at a minimum (small blind)

Support calls:

- Fixed the support call regarding the corrupt counter when double
- Typo’s when selling your lead
- Personal real estate issue on leveling %
- Sometimes your escaped the cops when found smuggling drugs, not anymore.
- Graveyard comments was limited to 10
- OC Chat - didn't get a notification in the chat that the WE failed his job
- Last "drugmule" dates are not relevant for some/all members -> Best Drug Mules.
- Crew hospital issue with members in the hospital when actually they left the crew
- Profile quote & view issue is resolved
- “Finish” under settings -> profile data now works.
- Fixed two major drug issues;
- Fixed styling on crew page (donating)
- Fixed issue with members joining crew ending up in hospital
- Fixed issue with refresh on the real estate pop up

//MobstarGame team