MobstarGame (Mafia based MMORPG) 2.15 is out now!

2.15 final release note:

- Drug profit mails are now combined. So you can manage your pay-outs in terms of profits in one massive mail in stead of separate mails.
- Tweaked the blackjack a little bit more.

- Added a request by “Greaza”
We added a “reset” button to the options for a minister of drugs. Reset the results of your mules with one click to keep a close eye on the results they make on smuggling for the crew.

- Added a request by “Boal-001”
The panel for the council is now more “open” with options for the council. You can hand out edit, hide and invite rights to your council, ministers and/or members but now you can also give finance and bullet rights to players. This way you can hand out more tasks and still keep sight of the progress of your family. Also the crewboss is preselected and locked (that one can’t be moved due to rights in structure)

- Added a request by “Boal-001”
History of the crewbank is now extended. You can show full income and expenditure of the crew. All is now transparant for the council to see and act upon.

- Added a request by “Band of Brothers”
The council now have the possibility to perform tasks themselves. So a more dynamic gameplay is now possible and should make it a bit more easy to run a crew now.

- Added a request by “Jill”
We created filters in the listview. This way you can filter on activity, payed status, last online. You can better manage your family this way. Make your selection hit go to filter out what you want.

Updated the crew profile page:
- Avatar is your advertisement for applications and the domination pop up with plots etc. It’s no longer displayed on your crew page (or you have to add it there also);
- Family contact is now added on the top bar in red with just a click on the name you can contact the family;
- We created a section in crew settings called: “Change your crew signature”. That function is the same as your personal profile. So add images, text etc and personalize your crew page.

Fixed Support calls:
- The inventory and cars button turned square again
- Fixed the graveyard pagination issue
- Multiple crew update support calls
- Lead payout on domination works now
- When crew is killed, all plots are lost on members
- Sell lead factory button works before accepted
- Log-in issue
- Typo’s fixed in call back when you try to buy to much drugs;
- Fixed the property “drop” issue on casino’s;
- Fixed styling issue on grave detail page;
- Fixed lead pay-out hopefully (difficult to test for us);
- Fixed callback text issue when updating crew property;

See you next week for 2.16 release note.