MobstarGame (Mafia based MMORPG) 2.11 is out now!


- iOS release 1.0 is live in the App Store!
 (Downloaded in between 50-100 times in 2 days!)
Direct download link
Full Release note

-Uploaded 1.01 to Android:
 (Downloaded in between 50-100 times in first week, with 12 ***** star reviews!)
Direct download link
- Settings now supports “backfire” as a setting. Make your own strategic call on how to respond to enemies shooting at your gangster;

- Added the helpdesk in the app. You can contact the helpdesk members and ask any question regarding MobstarGame;

- Updated and tweaked the betting elements when you want to add or remove bets;
- Added the same dropdown as in Mobshop to inventory so you can easily switch between categories;

- Another gangster’s profile has now instant mail, connect and hitlist opportunities;

- Fixed multiple support calls.


- As requested by “9th wonder

Sell your car on GTA is now possible for all players. Paying or non-paying members.

- As requested by “Xelm The Risen”

The “Helpdesk” members are less blue then before.

- As requested by “Xelm The Risen”

Missions is now displayed when you are in jail.

- We renamed “Drugs” to “Smuggling” in order to make it through iOS future updates quicker.
- Added "Skype" as a setting for players to show on profile. 

With three options:

1. Don’t show or add my Skype (default)
2. Show my Skype to my connections

3. Show my Skype to all gangsters

Keep your enemies close, right? So if you see a profile with the “Skype” button. Click it. It will flip and show you the alias on Skype.
This way communication should improve to build up your connections and make you a more famous gangster on MobstarGame.

- Added “Promotions” to the game.
Go to your startscreen (press the logo after login) then you see the tab “Promotions”:
1. Share is a “tell-a-friend system”. You get rewarded with 250 Honor points for a friend you connect.

The reward can be claimed when he/she hits the status of Assassin. You also see a list of gangsters joining through your link.
So share it on every moment that suits you in order to make a lot of honor points! 
This link is connected to account (mailadres) so links on forums are always a good idea, because they stay connected.

2. We included a vote link. Every 24 hours you can vote for MobstarGame and make some extra cash/bullets connected to your gangsters.
Press the vote button, vote on the website, and claim your reward!

Support calls:

- Fixed the top bar issue on chrome when you are in the mobshop and get the product pop up;

- Fixed the change password issue under settings;

- Fixed the issue in USA with domination payout on the first position;

- The lottery time is now finished at 21:00.


//MobstarGame team